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Services offered from Waterstone LSP

We do SBA lending right.

The community bank SBA lending environment is segmented into three groups – non-participant, limited participant, full participant. The non-participant typically has no historic SBA production. The limited participant has a small volume, 3 or fewer loans, or participated in the program in the past and abandoned efforts due to historical losses or processing issues. The full participant has a dedicated team that produces 10 or more loans each year and manages a performing portfolio.

Waterstone provides the non-participant and the limited participant with a workable solution to build a quality, performing SBA loan portfolio with no upfront costs or new fixed operating costs. By outsourcing the SBA operations to Waterstone, the bank eliminates the additional fixed costs of an SBA department and can utilize existing relationships already established with bank loan officers, management, and loan operations. Waterstone offers a $-0- upfront service fee and truly pays for itself through a variable expense approach. By participating in the secondary market, the income generated from the premium sale as well as the servicing income from the secondary market investor, creates a positive cash position for the bank on each loan.

Process Path:
Identify SBA loan opportunities, pre-qualify for SBA eligibility (with Waterstone's assistance), issue Letter of Intent.
Waterstone gathers documentation for underwriting, in conjunction with the lender –orders appraisals, environmental & business valuations when needed.
Waterstone structures loan for SBA eligibility & provides complete underwriting to bank.
Bank reviews & confirms Waterstone underwriting detail, then presents request for approval. Waterstone provides Conditional Commitment Letter structured for SBA Guaranty upon approval.
Waterstone completes SBA forms for borrower's review & signatures, submits loan request to SBA for processing & approval, clears conditions of approval, provides closing documents.
Lender reviews documents, schedules closing & has loan documents executed by borrower. Waterstone arranges pre and post loan closing legal review and attorney opinion letter.
Waterstone arranges guaranty sale and provides ongoing monthly servicing & 1502 reporting on bank's behalf.
  • Increased commercial loan volume
  • Reduced capital exposure on a per loan basis with an SBA Guaranty on 7(a) loans and priority first lien position on SBA 504 real estate loans
  • Quality return on capital with premium income and servicing pass-thru
  • Increased depository accounts by keeping clients and winning new accounts with the expanded credit guidelines of SBA enhanced loan structures
  • Full-service SBA processing and servicing without the increased staff, payroll and administrative costs

Why Waterstone?

Waterstone LSP provides comprehensive service and solutions to our banks. We focus on relationship banking and working with our banks in a spirit of partnership in SBA lending. Our approach is characterized by quality and dedication. Our staff consists of professionals with expertise in SBA business development, underwriting, packaging, closing, servicing and liquidation. 

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