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Quality service from quality people

Meet the team behind the scenes at Waterstone LSP.

Waterstone understands that in banking and small business, it is the people who are part of those organizations that make the difference in small business lending. We have a team of professionals made up of individuals who are dedicated to great service and communication to help our bank partners build new banking relationships with their small business applicants.

Mark Danford
MARK DANFORD - President & CEO
(281) 248-2155

Mark has over 20 years experience in banking, finance and SBA lending. A graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University, Mark manages the day-to-day workflow and oversees all operational and financial activity of the company. He works directly with bank management, lenders, small business applicants, and the Small Business Administration to ensure top level service and full SBA compliance in all matters.
Anthony Parrino
(281) 248-2156

Anthony has over 20 years experience in SBA and mortgage lending that includes servicing, finance, accounting and operations. A graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University, Anthony is the Chief Financial Officer, managing operational efficiencies, client bank accounting integration and loan servicing.
Dave Nighswander
DAVE NIGHSWANDER - EVP, National Sales Manager
(419) 732-3174

Dave has over 30 years of banking, lending and small business consulting experience. A graduate of the University of Toledo, Dave has the lead role in working with new bank clients and developing new small business loans with lenders on a national level. He works closely with bank management, referral sources and strategic partners to bring a full scope of products and services to commercial banks and their small business clients.
Luis Lira
LUIS LIRA - Credit Officer
(281) 248-2154

Luis has over 10 years experience in commercial real estate lending, SBA underwriting, packaging, compliance, closing, servicing and liquidation. A graduate of the University of Houston's Bauer College of Business, Luis is responsible for underwriting new loan prospects, reviewing and submitting SBA loan guaranty application packages, and assisting in the closing and post-closing process.
Krystall Love-McGee
(281) 248-2152

Krystall works closely with underwriting and closing to assist customers and bank personnel through the loan packaging and closing process. She is responsible for ensuring all information needed for the SBA Authorization and closing process is properly documented and verified.
Esther Covarrubias
(281) 248-2153

Esther has over 20 years experience in banking and SBA lending. She will be working closely with customers, attorneys, bank personnel and underwriters to ensure the loans are closing in accordance with SBA’s SOP. Throughout her career in SBA Lending, Esther has developed multiple loan closing platforms and trained loan closers.

Why Waterstone?

Waterstone LSP provides comprehensive service and solutions to our banks. We focus on relationship banking and working with our banks in a spirit of partnership in SBA lending. Our approach is characterized by quality and dedication. Our staff consists of professionals with expertise in SBA business development, underwriting, packaging, closing, servicing and liquidation. 

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